Parent & Baby Classes

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Baby Massage & Mothers Self-Care Course


Baby Massage is a loving form of communication for you & your baby to experience together. It has a wide range of benefits, it can:


Increase circulation

Improve immune function

Ease colic & constipation

Promote wellbeing

Encourage sensory awareness

Soothe & relieve anxiety

Reduce tension & irritability

Induce relaxation & deeper, longer sleep

Help you & your baby bond


And so much more!

Each week you will learn a new section:

Week One - Legs & Feet

Week Two - Hands & Arms

Week Three - Chest & Tummy

Week Four - Back, Face & Scalp

Week Five - Full Body Massage


*The course also includes*

A Mother & Baby goody bag

Baby Massage Guide Book (pdf download)

Mothers Self-Care Workbook (pdf download)

Four short guided meditation recordings

Baby Massage video guide


Mothers Self-Care

Life can get busy, especially for Mothers, but it is so important we give ourselves the love & attention we need & deserve. We can't pour from an empty cup after all!


We actually have four main cups to keep topped up, physical, emotional, spiritual & mental. It can be difficult to keep them all topped up all of the time, but you should aim to give each a little attention every week.


Each week you will be introduced to new habits, all aimed to bring more balance to your life & keep your cups from becoming empty.

Week One - Physical

Week Two - Emotional

Week Three - Spiritual

Week Four - Mental


The Mothers Self-Care Workbook & pre-recorded meditations includled in the course will further aid you on this journey & beyond!

Classes are held in a warm, modern & covid secure venue with great facilities & free parking.

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Tree Babies & Baby Reflexology - Coming Soon!

During a Tree Babies session your will be guided to connect to yourself through mindfulness, your baby through babywearing & nature through forest bathing.

The sessions are focused on BEING rather than doing.

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